About Lo

Thanks for being here with me as I share what it’s like to run a growing women’s wellness business full-time as the founder and CEO. I started Love Wellness in October 2016 after being fed up with what was available for women in the personal care category at the time. I was unwell and needed solutions, and everything I found at the drug store just wasn’t cutting it. I envisioned a brand for women that made products formulated with clean ingredients (and cute packaging), was body-positive, guided by doctors, and addressed the core total body issues women face without shame. I had the idea, executed on it, and now – 4 years later – I can say with confidence that Love Wellness is a (if not, the) category leader in personal care and dietary supplements.

How did I do this?

Eating, sleeping, and breathing work. By being willing to think creatively. Forgetting fear. And by tuning into the genuine needs of women to create solutions we’re comfortable with and dare I say…excited about. 

If you want to learn more about me and Love Wellness, here’s a handy list of articles the LW Director of PR gave me to share with you (hehehe):