About Me

Hi, friend! Thanks for being here with me as I share my work and wellness journey with you. I became super passionate about self-care because of a health scare I experienced a few years ago. I had always been healthy, until one day, I wasn’t!

I was experiencing brain fog, sluggishness, weight gain, anxiety, and depression. After months of discomfort, endless doctors appointments, and a thorough search for answers, I finally got the news I didn’t know I was waiting for: I was suffering from severe vitamin deficiencies as a result of gene mutations that prohibit my body from absorbing certain vitamins and minerals from traditional sources like food.

Discovering the root of the issue was a relief, but the road back to good health was a long one. Thankfully, I know a lot about nutrition and food as a graduate of The French Culinary Institute in New York City. I helped to heal my body by being choosy about what I put in it, and I made self-care a top priority. I also rely on weekly injections now to get my body what it needs.

This experience inspired me to launch Love Wellness, a women’s wellness company that provides natural, safe, doctor-recommended solutions for common health issues women face. I run this company full-time now with an amazing team.

You may also know me from my podcast Lady Lovin’, and I got my start in the world on MTV’s The Hills and Laguna Beach. I’m a graduate of UCLA and grew up in Southern California.