My Favorite Work Out Classes In NYC & LA

Alright y’all, as much as we may not enjoy doing it, working out is a huge part of self-care and although I know we all would rather pamper ourselves at the spa or treat ourselves to some retail therapy, keeping our bodies active is definitely a factor in leading a healthier, happier lifestyle! 

Whether you’re a total gym rat, like to do at home workouts or prefer taking classes, the key is to do whatever motivates and works for you with consistency! Personally, I’m a class kind of girl. I 100% NEED the motivation that comes from the instructor-they help push me to my limit and in a way help hold me accountable because if I’m paying for a class then I’m definitely going to make sure I get my money’s worth!

Luckily in both NYC and LA, I’ve been able to find classes that I absolutely love! From yoga to calisthenics, light weight sculpting, dance cardio and even EMS,I try to incorporate a little bit of everything in my workout routine! 

The Class (NY & LA)

The Class by Taryn Toomey is EVERYTHING! This class helps me to not only feel stronger through physical conditioning but the movements we do also make me feel like I’ve become a little more graceful! The Class offers a variety of curated classes from cardio to restorative yoga and even a 20 minutes breath work and meditation practice class so there’s a little bit of everything for everyone! 


What can I say…it hurts so bad yet feels so good! The first time I tried EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) I was sore for a whole week! The crazy part is that this 1 on 1 workout is like getting a 90 minute workout in 20 minutes..yup, just 20 minutes! Basically, they give you a full body suit to wear (don’t expect to look cute ladies, just show up ready to work!LOL) that contains the EMS technology-your trainer is able to target specific areas you’d like to work that way your workout is more efficient! The sensation of the micro-contractions did freak me out a little at first but the fact that I could actually feel my muscles working and noticeably saw results,convinced me to add this to my workout routine even if it’s just once a week or twice a month! 

Y7 Yoga (NY & LA)

For some people, yoga is all about connecting your mind and body in silence, for me it’s about sweating shit out and becoming stronger all while listening to Hip-Hop music and Y7 does all of that for me! I’m definitely no pro at yoga so I appreciate that the room is completely dark besides for a few lit candles so no one is worried about looking at themselves in the mirror or judging your form! I also recommend this class for my girls that partied a little too hard the night before and are feeling a little guilty the next day…this is the best sweat sesh EVER! As sweaty and gross as I feel afterwards I also leave feeling extremely exhilarated and badass..even if I just laid in child’s pose for the majority of the class (remember,no judgements!)

Megan Roup-The Sculpt Society (NY)

If you’re in NYC and haven’t heard of Megan Roup’s classes at Project Equinox or Studio B then you are seriously missing out! The Sculpt Society is a high energy, dance cardio & light weight sculpting class that has quickly become a favorite of mine! She also offers a mat and bench class that are equally as challenging and fun! A few classes with Megan and you’re sure to feel leaner, stronger and empowered! I’ve also made a few new friends there so s/o to classes that turn into communities!! 

I love to switch up my class rotation and try new things so if you have any other workout class recommendations please comment below!! 

The 100 Workout

Hey, hey!
Find a 100 dollar bill? Get 100% on a test? Both will make you extremely happy, correct?

The number 100 is always linked to greatness, and that is why I wanted to create a workout based around the number. This workout will get your heart rate up and help you burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time. Sounds amazing, right?

Set your timer and see how long it takes you to complete the workout below. I then challenge you to beat your time the next time you complete the workout!

Strong, stronger, strongest.

Well, here it is:


100 Jumping Jacks

90 Squats

80 High Knees

70 Mountain Climbers

60 Butt Kickers

50 Russian Twists

40 Plank Up/Downs

30 Full Sit-Ups

20 Lunge Jumps

10 Burpees

1 Minute Plank

Go all out, and get down with the number 100.

Peace & Love,
Emily Burkhardt

March MABness

Hi, Guys!
I’m a few days late to the start of the month, but boy do I have a four-week AB challenge for you!

To compliment March Madness, the showcasing of America’s strongest college basketball teams, I’ve come up with March MABness, a month-long exercise routine guaranteed to get you your strongest core!

Here are the 6 moves you will use throughout my challenge. Get yourself familiar with them before you rock and roll!

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4 Steam Room Etiquette Tips You Must Know

Like many of you, I really love a good steam room. I find steaming to be an almost meditative practice, one that allows me to slow down the rapid-fire train of thoughts whirring through the Penn Station situated in my head. It also grabs the toxins sitting underneath my skin out, and allows any excess water weight and bloating to pour out of my skin. A good sweat is life-changing, a way to break through a nasty hangover or simply change your outlook on your day. If you’re not steaming, add it to your beauty routine STAT. You will look and feel better because of it.
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Exercise on the Go!

Hey, Busy Bee!

Time to focus on your body all day every day without anyone knowing you are getting your workout on!

Here are eight exercises  you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily routine!

  1. Stay confident with your posture
    Your trunk, or core, is the center of your body. Start to constantly engage it. This will not only help keep your core tone, but it will give you a nice confident posture!
  2. Commercial break workouts
    Watch TV and workout! Here is a link to my last article that has a fun challenge for you to complete every time you watch your favorite show.
  3. Grocery bag bicep curls
    Evenly distribute the weight of your groceries in each hand and give a little love to your biceps!
  4. Squats while you brush your teeth
    Many dentists say you should spend 2 minutes brushing your teeth—that’s at least 4 minutes of squats a day!
  5. Enjoy the scenic route
    Take the long way to each and every destination, even if that means you have to park at the back of the parking lot.
  6. Lunge down hallways
    At home or in the office.
  7. Calf raises while you are waiting
    Whether you are waiting for your favorite salad, or for the bathroom get those calf raises in!
  8. Dance and laugh as much as possible.
    Get your groove on and giggle until your abs are on fire to burn a few extra calories.

Dance, laugh and stay confident with these eight moves all while creating the best version of yourself!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhard

Feature image via Bjoern Ewers.

The Commercial Break Workout You Have to Try!

Hey, TV Heads!

Yes, you! Don’t have enough time to hit the gym because your favorite TV show is on tonight? Don’t worry, I totally get it! That’s why I created this special workout just for you!

Presenting, Emily Burkhardt’s Commercial Break Workout!

A 30-minute show typically has two to three commercial breaks, each lasting roughly two to three minutes. That’s six to nine minutes of free time for you to get your heart rate up!

I’m challenging you to complete the following three circuits during the commercial breaks of your favorite show. Watching a 60 minute show? Repeat the workout!

Commercial Break #1:

20 Couch Up/Down
Step up and down off of the couch. Alternate which leg leads each time you step up.
10 Decline Push-Ups
Plank position with your hands on the floor and feel on the couch. Keep your back flat and push-it-up!
25 Russian Pillow Twists
Sit in a V position, grab the pillow of your couch, hold it close to your chest with your elbows out, and swing your torso from left to right keeping your arms stable.
Repeat 2x

Commercial Break #2:

25 Jumping Jacks
Go big with these!
20 Couch Squats
Feet shoulder width apart, squat your booty down until it touches the couch, and come back up.
20 Couch Sit-Up
Lay down on the ground with your feet under the couch to stabilize you while you do your sit-ups.
Repeat 2x

Commercial Break #3:

25 High Knees
Stand up, and get your knees as high as you can.
10 Couch Dips
Tricep dips using the couch.
25 Couch Climbers
Hands on couch in plank position, drive your knees one at a time to your chest.
Repeat 2x

Time to turn on the TV and get your sweat on!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhardt

Please Stretch!

Hey, hey!

Do you feel tight before, after, or during your workouts? It’s your body’s way of telling you to give your muscles a good stretch!

Because there are SO many different ways to stretch, I wanted to share some of my favorite techniques!

Whether I am teaching a bootcamp or working one on one with a private client, I always begin the workout with dynamic stretches—moves that get their bodies moving while also loosening up their muscles. Once we are finished with the workout, I implement a series of static stretching to target specific muscle groups and to bring their heart rate down.

If the studio or the client has a foam roller on hand, I will use one of my favorite forms of stretching, myofascial release, before and after their workout. Foam rolling applies pressure and really releases any tension in the muscles.

As an ACE Certified Personal trainer, I love to use their definitions to help you understand the different types of stretches.  

Dynamic Stretching:
Unlike static stretching, dynamic stretching requires the use of continuous movement patterns that mimic the exercise or sport to be performed. Generally speaking, the purpose of dynamic stretching is to improve flexibility for a given sport or activity.

An example of dynamic stretching would be a sprinter doing long, exaggerated strides to prepare for a race.

Static Stretching:
The most common stretching technique, static stretching is executed by extending the targeted muscle group to its maximal point and holding it for 30 seconds or more. Usually performed after your workout.

There are two types of static stretches:

  • Active: Added force is applied by the individual for greater intensity
  • Passive: Added force is applied by an external force (e.g., partner or assistive device) to increase intensity

Myofascial Release:
Through the use of a foam roller or similar device, myofascial release relieves tension and improves flexibility in the fascia (a densely woven specialized system of connective tissue that covers and unites all of the body’s compartments), and underlying muscle. Small, continuous back-and-forth movements are performed over an area of 2 to 6 inches for 30 to 60 seconds. The individual’s pain tolerance will determine the amount of pressure applied to the target area.

Enjoy your workouts, and don’t forget to stretch before and after!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhardt


Why You Should HIIT!

Hey, hey!

To HIIT or not to HIIT?

If you want a quick workout that you can do anywhere (no equipment necessary), is super efficient, and boosts your metabolism to get you on an all-time endorphin high, then you HAVE to try HIIT workouts!

What does HIIT stand for? High Intensity Interval Training.

During this type of interval training, you will get your heart rate up multiple times by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. The idea is to give quick pushes of extreme energy (all-out) before resting in short (or active) recoveries.

While equipments aren’t necessary, you can also do fun HIIT workouts on a bike or even a treadmill!
For example, I am an instructor at Flywheel Sports, and all of our workouts are HIIT workouts. Riders push through speed or resistance for short periods of time and recover between each push (or interval). I am obsessed with and believe in our workout, because riders must give the ride their all! 

Are you ready to rev up your metabolism and burn fat for hours after your workout?

Well, your wish is my command! Complete this following workout ANYWHERE!


Do Anywhere HIIT Workout
45 seconds – Jumping Jacks
Rest 15 seconds
45 seconds – Squat Jumps
Rest 15 seconds
45 Seconds – Mountain Climbers
Rest 15 Seconds
45 Seconds – Burpees
Rest 15 Seconds
45 Seconds – Lunge Jumps
Rest 15 Seconds
Repeat 3X

Get in this quick workout so you can enjoy the rest of your day!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhardt

Healthy Workout Snacks and Meals

[infobox subtitle=”Fuel Your Body Right” bg=”red” color=”white” opacity=”on” space=”30″ link=”no link”]Strong Body, Strong Mind[/infobox]

You know that familiar feeling all too well: you’ve returned from the gym exhausted, sweaty and hungry. Rummaging through your pantry, you find a chocolate bar that just seems to be calling your name. But after a long and exhausting workout, is it really worth it? Sometimes you luck out and find something nutritious, but unfortunately, that chocolate bar looked so good, and well, you had to have it… We’ve all been there and can understand the struggle (I’ve been known to splurge on bags of pretzels after exercising myself). I’m a fan of raw almonds and fruits as much as the next person, but after a difficult workout, I crave something more exciting and more satisfying. Next time you’re looking for something to munch on, skip the pantry and head for these healthy workout snacks that are well-worth your time and hunger:


Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, with the right ingredients, salads give you endless possibilities for a well-balanced, post-workout meal. Try a salad made with dinosaur kale, cherry tomatoes, white button mushrooms, heirloom bell peppers, Colby and a farm fresh egg (pictured above!) for a heartier meal. If you want something lighter, a side of watermelon pairs perfectly with a small helping of quinoa and arugula.

Clean Food Dirty City

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Instead of just having a piece of fruit on its own, combine your favorites into a refreshing smoothie. My favorite? The ever-classic Strawberry Banana (for the perfect Strawbana Smoothie, try Sarah of My New Roots‘ recipe). For all of you chocolate lovers, try a chocolate malt milo slushie– the name sounds deadly but it is 100% clean and made with maca for a boost of energy. Head on over to Simple Straws for the recipe.

My New Roots

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Acai Bowls

You’ve probably seen these colorful combinations on your Instagram before. They’re taking social media by storm, and with this much color and nutrients, are we really ones to complain? Made with acai berries and blended to a smoothie-like consistency, acai bowls can be topped with your favorite granola, fruits and nuts for a healthy and satisfying treat. Well-worth the hype? Try David Frenkel’s recipe and see for yourself!

GK Stories

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Nana Ice Cream Bowls

Ice cream? Sign me up! Similar to an acai bowl, nana ice cream is made with frozen bananas and other fruits and garnished with different toppings like cocoa bits, a drizzle of almond butter and fresh fruit. Light, creamy and delicious, nana ice cream is super easy to make. Take inspiration from Carina of Road to Everywhere for this snack– just don’t burn out your blender in the process!

Road To Everywhere

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Granola Bars 

Smart snacking in its ultimate form: granola bars. You can buy them in the store, yes, but for a healthy bar without any artificial flavors and sugars, making your own is the way to go. Better yet, you can make big batches and save them for later. If you’ve never made your own before, start off with these hemp protein granola bars.

Oh She Glows

Tell me… what are some of your favorite post-workout snacks and meals? Share in the comments (don’t be afraid to throw in your own quick recipes)! Happy eating! [separator type=”thin”]

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