My Morning Vitamin Routine

Want in on my vitamin routine? Today let’s get into which vitamins I take in the morning and why. The vitamins I take are always issue-specific and driven by a few natural ingredients that are proven to provide good health benefits.

I also consider some items that aren’t in vitamin form a part of my routine, like:

DETOX with Sakara’s Detox Water Concentrates


This is a really cool product, and I really like the founders of Sakara! Essentially the Detox Water Concentrate is chlorophyll combined with magnesium, and up to 72 trace minerals. The science behind this product is that the ingredients bind to toxins, and then you pee them out.

FEEL GOOD with #Mood Pills by Love Wellness


The star ingredients in #Mood Pills? Organic and natural ones that lift my hormonal mood. Some of the majors include: Organic St. John’s Wort: a flowering plant that studies show may help treat mild depression, Organic Ginkgo Biloba: Also known as the maidenhair tree, ginko biloba has been used for thousands of years in eastern medicine to address depression, anxiety, and energy, and Organic Chasteberry: Studies show that this fruit, native to the Mediterranean, can help ease symptoms of PMS and PMDD.

GLOW UP with Good to Glow by Love Wellness


I’m a true believer that the glow comes from within! What you put in your body directly affects how much you weigh – why wouldn’t it also make a huge impression on the quality of your skin?

Good to Glow packs tons of skin-friendly ingredients into a capsule: bounce-boosters like collagen, anti-bacterial/oxidant/aging organic ashwaghanda, and Vitamins C + E.

Tummy Tame with Good Girl Probiotics by Love Wellness


Not only do probiotics keep your gut happy, they also keep tons of different organs happy too. Why? Because the gut is the home of the immune system and is connected to things like your brain/mental health, your skin, and your feminine health too.

Good Girl Probiotics are formulated with 12 strains of good bacteria that occur naturally in the vaginal microbiome, and they because they up the levels of good bacteria in your belly, your female organs benefit as well.

Now, I know I’m biased for all things Love Wellness because I’m the founder, but if you’re looking for new vitamins, definitely check ours out. Why? We formulate them to be as natural and as organic as possible, and we formulate based on science, not trends.

I’m always open to new products, so I’d love to hear what you take in the morning to get your day started! Let me know in the comments!

Healthy Foods You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

Keeping my kitchen well-stocked is the best way for me to stay on track nutritionally. Having healthy food on hand encourages good decision-making, provides me with the right kind of nutrients to power through my busy days at Love Wellness, and in a slightly OCD-esque way, it helps me feel like I’ve got my life together.

I often get asked in interviews and by friends what I like to have on hand, and I find it’s helpful to break down these items into categories, just like the grocery store does. I keep both frozen foods and fresh on hand because neither really reigns supreme when it comes to nutritional value.

Let’s start with snacks, because duh, everyone loves snacks.


100% Organic Seaweed Sheets
At 120 calories per serving, this salty treat comes from the sea. The sodium levels are really reasonable however, and you get like 30+ seaweed sheets to munch on. Love!

Roasted Almond, Coconut, Hemp Seed Mix
I make this mix of almonds, coconut shavings, and hemp seeds at home. Just bake raw almonds (no oil required) until brown in a 350 degree oven and combine with coconut shavings and hemp seeds that you’ve browned on the stove-top in a non-stick pan.

Yes, this could fall under fruit but since tangerines are available seasonally (well, all fruit is seasonal but you know what I mean) this gets classified as a snack. Just unpeel and enjoy the bright flavors!

Salt-Free Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
I’m not a total snack psycho, you guys. Everyone needs a satisfying crunch now and again. I love a salt-free blue corn tortilla chip because they’re low-sodium, don’t have a ton of ingredients, and are gluten-free.

High-Fiber Cereal

Yep, cereal.



Organic Celery

I’ve just been introduced to this celery juice thing many notable wellness gurus are into. It comes from the Medical Medium and is believed to help relieve many symptoms of auto-immune disorders.

Organic Arugula

Arugula, or “rocket” is my fave type of green. Crunchy, peppery, and good raw or slightly wilted paired with just about anything you can imagine. I love adding arugula to a grain bowl with a poached egg and Sriracha.

Organic Cucumbers

My favorite way to devour cucumbers? Sliced quite thin on a mandolin and drenched in white wine vinegar and a pinch of salt.

Organic Broccoli (frozen)

I keep bags of broccoli on hand in my freezer. Perfect for soups, roasting, and raw in salads.



Organic Raspberries

I gobble these up regularly as they have a high fiber content and taste so darn good. You can smash them onto toast or pop them into your mouth whole. Either way, they’re my faves.


Because of the thick peel, you don’t need to buy organic bananas. I’m obsessed with eating a banana with a nice slice of sharp cheddar cheese.

Organic Blueberries (fresh and frozen)

Fresh blueberries are my favorite late-night snack, especially the tart ones! Frozen are perfect for mixing into yogurt or cereal.

Cooking Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I cook a lot of savory foods and love extra virgin olive oil – a healthy oil you can eat everyday.


Discovering clarified butter in culinary school a few years ago was so life-changing. It’s the flavor of butter with few milk solids. Try slowly frying eggs in a ton of ghee for the tastiest breakfast of your life.



Organic Thyme

A classic herb added to the base of most savory dishes.

Organic Parsley

I use parsley stems to flavor every soup I make.

Organic Bay Leaves

I love to throw in 3-4 bay leaves in most sauces.

Organic Mint

Homemade mint tea comes from organic mint leaves and is such a delicious and impressive treat.


Ground Turkey

I cook up a pound or two of turkey every week and eat it with everything: veggies, beans, grains. Try it!

Wild-caught Shrimp (frozen)

I keep a bag of wild-caught shrimp in my freezer all the time. The shrimp defrost in a minute or two under cool, running water making them the perfect item to keep frozen. You can grab a few, and bam, it’s lunch.

If you’re looking for a kitchen refresh I hope this list is helpful for you! I love discovering new foods and ingredients and would love to know what some of your healthy staples are. Let me know in the comments.


Why I Fast on Mondays

Monday: oh, the duality of it.
I love Monday and I also hate it with a deep passion. I hate that it will take a full 5 days for the weekend/nachos to arrive. I hate that I have to answer my emails. I hate that my alarm goes off and wakes me from my Sunday slumber. Yet, once I’m conscious I remember that I love waking up early on a summer Monday, hitting the streets before 8am when the city is still sleepy and heading out for a slow sweat at SLT. I love hitting the re-set button and having another chance to do and be. I also love fasting on Mondays, my chosen day of the week to detox until dinnertime (if you’re forced to begin your week, you may as well dive in head first).

My Monday fast falls under the category of an “intermittent fast”: an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. Long-term fasting (like for a few days) is not my jam, and it shouldn’t be yours either. It slows down your metabolism and if you’re trying to lose weight and make it stick, no doctor would recommend you go down this path.

If you’re careful though, and fast thoughtfully, there are many proven health benefits that come with just consuming liquids for the first chunk of your day (think Lemon water, coffee, green tea, bone broth). Don’t trust me – trust the studies that have been done that show why intermittent fasting is a great idea for your health:

Cells Repair, Insulin Drops, and HGH Increases

When you don’t eat for a while, the body goes into repair mode, making body fat more accessible as your hormone levels change. This study shows that when you do alternate day fasting for a month, your insulin levels decrease making fat burning in the body much more accessible. Human growth hormone increases when you fast, leading to additional fat burning and muscle growth (more info here). And here this study shows that intermittent fasting results in profound cellular repair throughout the body.

You Lose Weight and Raise Your Metabolism

Unlike a long-term, very restrictive fast, intermittent fasting actually raises your metabolism and can help you to lose weight. Why? Because lower insulin levels, higher rates of HGH, and an increase in norepenephrine all increase the breakdown of body fat for energy usage in the body. This study right here shows that intermittent fasting can even increase your metabolic rate from 3-14%! Plus, you’re eating fewer calories when you fast in this way (obviously) which leads to weight loss (obviously). Over a period of 3-24 weeks in this study, intermittent fasting caused weight loss of 3-8% in the participants.

What’s Good For the Body Is Good For the Brain

Yay, I love BRAINS. I love anything that’s good for them! And intermittent fasting makes the list! Cool, right? When you skip a few meals your metabolic features improve, leading to a reduction in insulin resistance, lower blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation, and reduced oxidative stress. Fasting causes nueronal autophagy, which Mark Sisson teaches us is: “the process by which cells recycle waste material, downregulate wasteful processes, and repair themselves.”

Clear body, clear mind, y’all.

In addition, a whole host of other studies show that intermittent fasting also reduces inflammation throughout the body which can prevent chronic disease from settling in, that it may be beneficial for heart health, and that it can even help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

So, what are you waiting for? The facts are conclusive: intermittent fasting is good for your health, both long and short-term. I may be a little hungry, but dinner will come soon enough.

Easy Work Hair-Do: Gorgeous Waves Without Hot Tools!

Spring has officially sprung, friends and that means it’s time to take a good look at my hair and make the necessary changes to express a new style and of course, to keep my color bright and lovely. BTW – did I mention I’ll be at Ulta Beauty in Brentwood, California (in Northern California) on June 29th to hang out with y’all and chat all things hair with my partner Frédéric Fekkai? My look will be on point that day, inspired by the season! 🙂

I’ve been feeling serious un-done vibes when it comes to my hair lately, and with Earth Day just behind us and the flowers in my yard coming in to full-bloom I’m feeling very much like a woman looking to embrace natural beauty inspired by the season. I’ve found however that unless you’re using a great volumizing shampoo and conditioner like Frédéric Fekkai’s The Uplifting One, and styling products that won’t weight the hair down, that achieving an un-done look (mostly by lightly styling wet hair and allowing it to air-dry) can be pretty hard to accomplish. Hair can be frizzy instead of smooth and glossy due to environmental elements, and it can literally fall flat, weighed down by both gravity AND the wrong products.

So today, check my step-by-step tips for gorgeous, full hair that’s accomplished through a specific air-drying technique I’ve mastered over the years. Both the technique and the products used are important, so don’t discount one or the other!

Step 1:

Wash hair with Frédéric Fekkai’s The Uplifting One Shampoo and then condition with The Uplifting One Conditioner.

Benefits: See ya hot tools! Formulated for fine or limp hair, The Uplifting One Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner contains South Sea Blue Seawood Extract, the perfect natural ingredient that provides uplifting volume, thickness, and body. Because we’re air-drying our hair in this little scenario, this ingredient, along with the absence of sulfates and parabens, really helps provide a great shape without the use of a blow-dryer.


Step 2:

Towel dry hair well and apply Frédéric Fekkai’s The Gifted One Multitasker to damp hair, applying a small amount to the palms, rubbing the hands together, and smoothing over the hair starting at the ends.

Benefits: GORG-CENTRAL! The Gifted One Multitasker is full of powerful Norwegian Sea Extract, marine technology that helps transform hair from the inside out against external pollutants and environmental conditions. It’s a lightweight formula that helps hair stay smooth when air-drying!


Step 3:

Comb through damp hair and choose a straight part that goes against your traditional one. Section damp hair into 2 inch pieces and spray a generous amount of Frédéric Fekkai’s One Up Lift and Volume Spray from the roots to mid-shaft to add volume and life. Then, twist these 2 inch pieces of hair, and continually twist and twirl them in your hands until your hair has air-dryed. This helps to set a loose-wave style that’s smooth and pretty and looks totally flower power-esque without the use of hot tools

Benefits: VOLUME, VOLUME, VOLUME! This product gives lift and boosts any style, even an air-dried one! The One Up Lift and Volume Spray has no parabens and is a hydrating, lightweight formula.


Step 4: 

When hair is dry, with loose curls in place, revert back to your original part and be delighted by the volume created by that simple trick of drying your hair with a rarely used part. Use your fingers to comb through hair. If you’re looking for extra texture and to set the style, spritz Frédéric Fekkai’s One and Then Some Texturizing Spray throughout hair, starting from the roots to the ends. 

Benefits: The One and Then Some Texturizing Spray provides hair with extra fullness and volume without dulling the hair. Your air-dryed waves will have a soft, touchable feel that will last all day!

And that my friends, is how to achieve perfectly un-done hair that’s air-dryed! It’s so nice to take a break from hot tools every once in a while, especially during the spring when a natural look really blends well with the season. If you have any tips on how you style your hair when it dries naturally, please let me know in the comments below!

Everyone At The Office Wants These Frédéric Fekkai Products

If you’re like me, you’ll remember that Frédéric Fekkai was the first fancy, salon line of haircare that girls our age really got our hands on. Those pretty bottles were mesmerizing, the scent above and beyond anything I had used before, and the results from actually using the products: life-changing! Fekkai products were like the gateway drug to everything luxury in the beauty world. Gives a product lover like me the warm and fuzzies inside. Nostalgia is so powerful!

So, when Frédéric Fekkai asked to partner with me (ME!!!) to help bring the story of The One, the new line of luxury, salon perfected, and science supported products to my readers you betta believe I jumped at the opportunity. It’s so fun to work with a brand that holds a special place in your heart!

So here’s what’s new with The One: as I mentioned, it’s Frédéric Fekkai’s new luxury line of salon haircare products with different collections for different haircare needs.  The full collection harnesses the transformative power of the sea with proprietary Norwegian Sea Extract to protect the hair from the inside out. I’m obsessed with The Brilliant One for color-treated hair as I’m a dedicated lover of bleach requiring the right shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to keep my blonde as bright as it can be. There are also other collections for a variety of needs: anti-frizzing potions (The Tamed One) , volumizing lotions (One and Then Some), dry shampoo miracles (One More Day Dry Shampoo), and deep conditioning masks (The Ultimate One). I’m also especially fond of The Gifted One Multitasker Creme for styling protection and glossy shine (you glow, girl). The products are exclusive to Ulta Beauty so get in your car and go there (now).

Plus, have I even mentioned how insanely beautiful the new packaging is for The One? Each bottle in the line looks like an art-deco work of art, in colors every interior designer is going ga-ga over in 2018. It’s so fun to get into the shower everyday and see these beautiful babies juxtaposed to my white marble and tile shower. It makes the whole experience feel very glam. Oh, and the scents of The One products? They’ll blow your mind AND make whomever has a crush on you tell you that your hair smells so, so good.

So let’s get back to The Brilliant One for a minute, my current line of choice for color-treated hair. I’ve always been a California blonde; there is just a je ne sais quoi about that buttery color and how effortless it comes across. With the dye-jobs though comes the immediate need to rescue my strands from the processing, and The Brilliant One does just that. Better yet, it keeps the color in my hair looking as fresh as it did on Day 1, rather than stripping it of the brightness and turning it a dull, brassy yellow. Using a product specifically made for color-treated hair truly makes a difference in how long your color lasts – it’s all about the ingredients and how they interact with whatever you have going on. I really recommend The Brilliant One – smells great, beautiful packaging, brilliant blonde hair. What’s not to love?

So, chickas and dudes alike – stay posted with me for the next few months as I test out all the new products from Frédéric Fekkai’s The One! My shower is looking seriously glorious right now. Also, I’d love to hear about your own Frédéric Fekkai nostalgia moment in the comments (and which product from The One is your fave).

How Traveling Translates Into Self-Care

Eat, Pray, Love was a hit not because Julia Roberts is the cutest; it was a hit because of the recognition in all of us of our basic human needs for loving affection, rest, adventure, delight, independence, and ya, delicious pasta. Deny it if you want to, call it an extravagance, but the reality is that packing your bags and hitting the road is a practice in wellness that no spin class can match.

Think about it: when you go, what drives you? We may not spell it out often enough, but the reality is that to travel is an attempt to fill a hole, or enrich your soul, or overcome a fear.

For me, at least, in 2018 that’s what I’m attempting to do, and often. I set the resolution in January to get out of town once a month, whether the journey takes me 2 hours away to Palm Springs or around the world to the Maldives.

For me, I traveled often in a previous relationship and haven’t done a ton of it since. Why? Fear, maybe? Not totally sure, but I know that I want to reclaim traveling for myself as something that can be fulfilling for me on a personal level and not just an indicator of #relationshipgoals. Being well in the brain is equally important as being well in your physical body.

My first trip of the year? Costa Rica! I just got back, and will be doing a full guide on where to stay, what to do, and where to eat. Stay posted!

Next month? Colombia. April? Tulum. Beyond that – I’m open to suggestions so leave your comments below, BBs!



Why My New House Plants Are Good For The Soul

Ahoy from Los Angeles! Yes, I made the move west (I’ll write the blog post on why at some point as I know many of you have asked me to fill ya in) and I hate to break it to my New York besties, but…it’s pretty nice here. 

Alas, that’s not the point of today’s diary entry. Nope, today it’s all about that GREEN. No, not the money, honey – I’m talking plant life, cuties. I started bringing plants galore into my homes back east just for a taste of some nature and the result was a happier home in many aspects.

Now that I’m settling in here in Los Angeles, the same mindset applies. Though I have a beautiful garden (that I’m writing this piece in now actually) it’s still remarkably soothing to the eye to have greenery from Mother Nature surrounding you at all times. What hits the eye then transfers to the soul, and when you’re feeling good from the inside out, you’re probably looking good too. Let’s not count out the actual oxygen being released from these beauties as well; your skin may actually benefit from having an abundance of plants in your home!

My strategy this time around was simple yet specific, as it’s the third or fourth time I’ve gone down this road by now. I wanted plants that were

  • reasonably priced (no $300 trees this time around),
  • unique enough that my neighbor and best friend won’t also have them,
  • easy to keep alive,
  • and looked nice with really interesting pot holders (I mostly went with affordable baskets).

With that in mind I headed over to Rolling Green in Culver City – definitely not the cheapest joint in town, but a place with truly beautiful plants, deals to be found, and a fabulous selection (they deliver too which is nice).

A quick note about fiddle-leaf figs before you meet my new plants – if you’re heading out the door to make a purchase right now I’d pass on this lovely tree. Yes, they’re nice to look at, if you can keep it alive. If you can’t, you’ve dropped $250 minimum on a super trendy tree that’s on it’s 14th minute of fame. Pick something unique that you love, and skip this fussy green. Just my humble opinion as the previous owner of a fiddle leaf I left back in New York City.

Now, it’s time for introductions…

The Clusia

 Clusia, 14 inches, $215
Clusia, 14 inches, $215

Hello, gorgeous! What a special plant this clusia is, no? The leaves feel rubbery, the color is a miraculous green, and it fills space so nicely. It’s also unexpected – there were only a few and I was happy to snag one. To keep your clusia happy, it wants a lot of direct light, regular watering, and warm indoor temperatures. It may even flower!

The Ficus Benghalensis

 Ficus Benghalensis, 14 inch, $165
Ficus Benghalensis, 14 inch, $165

At $165, this beautiful, big ficus tree is my favorite for my new home. It’s living in my bedroom in a sunny corner, just waiting to be loved every morning. I love how spread out this tree is; it feels sexy, like you want to gaze at it for a few minutes every once in a while. The leaves are a wonderfully elegant pale green color, and it’s a fig tree that’s not very well known (exactly what I wanted). It likes bright, indirect sunlight or bright shade, regular water and misting, and average to warm temperatures. If the leaves start to fall off, you’re probably overwatering it!

The Festuca

 Festuca, $12.50 / Basket, $8.50
Festuca, $12.50 / Basket, $8.50

Is Festuca gorgina or WHAT!? I picked up two festuca plants, not just because of the price, but because of how fun and deliberately different they are. They run a cool bluish shade of green gray (does that even make sense?) and are essentially a grassy shrub. It’s typically an outdoor plant, but I’ve heard this one can make the leap indoors with enough care so I’ve giving it a try. They want sunlight and water. If they die, I’ll pick something else and keep you updated. For now, I’m obsessed with them.

Assorted Succulents

 Cactus, $14.50 / Basket $25
Cactus, $14.50 / Basket $25

I planted this little baby myself in this fun black and neutral basket with a bit of light colored reindeer moss. I think it came out rather nice, and I keep getting compliments on it from friends that come through. It needs sunlight and a bit of watering now and then. That’s it!

 Succulent, $14.50 / Basket, $8.50
Succulent, $14.50 / Basket, $8.50

Last but not least, I picked up this fun succulent to sit on my kitchen counter and keep me entertained while I deep-fry doughnuts or whatever else I may be whipping up. Succulents are hard to kill, people. They mostly just need sunlight and some water every once in a while. If you travel a lot or forget to water your plants, this one is right up your alley.

Now that I’ve gotten most of my indoor plants taken care of, I can’t wait to tackle my garden. There is already a fab tangerine tree that’s fully matured and gives off the tastiest fruit (it also comes with my new pet squirrel, Pam, that hovers over it all day long) along with beautiful flowering plants and shrubs. I absolutely see a herb and veggie garden in my future out there. Getting in touch with nature is perhaps the best way to truly feel like a human, connected to the earth, disconnected from our devices. Give it a try – you’ll love the way you look and feel after you spend some QT with some greenery!

Love Yourself: Bring This Healing Vegetable Soup To Work For Lunch

February is for lovers, right? Ha. No. While I’ve practiced and enjoyed a Valentine’s Day in my life, and will certainly do so again, I find that February is actually one of the best months out of the year to practice self-love rather than consume yourself with romance.

It’s an even better month to do it than January frankly, because too many of us make resolutions too lofty to keep. February is when reality sets in again, the snow is blowing, and the time to self-reflect, heal yourself, and fall in love with who you are all over again is happening.

I practice self-love through cooking, which I try to do many days a week. I find that feeding myself a meal cooked from scratch brings a fulfillment that ordering in simply cannot match, even in the most hungover of moments. I like to make big batches of food – whether it’s chicken meatballs or a delicious soup, so I can feed myself for days.

Today I’m sharing my recipe for Seasonal Vegetable Soup, a hearty and filling soup that’s packed full of nutrients to keep your personal engine running smoothly. I say “Seasonal” because the same cooking method can be applied with any vegetables you choose.

I went with Romanesco, Broccolini, Yellow Squash, and the classic onion, celery, and carrot. My chicken broth is flavored deeply by adding a chicken carcass from a roasted chicken made earlier in the week – doing so adds flavor because it’s pulled from the bones, along with vitamins and minerals to enrich the stock even more for good health. You can make this soup in about an hour, but it always tastes better the next day.

Seasonal Vegetable Soup

(serves 4)


  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1/2 white onion, chopped
  • 2 carrots, cut into 1/2 inch pieces
  • 2 celery sticks, cut into 1/2 inch pieces
  • 1 small head of Romanesco, chopped
  • 2 yellow squash, halved and cut into 1/2 inch pieces
  • 1 small head of broccolini, with most of the stems removed
  • 1/4 cup white wine
  • 10 cups chicken stock
  • chicken carcass (optional)
  • 2 bay leaves
  • handful of parsley stems
  • 6 sprigs of thyme
  • salt and pepper


  1. In a large pan, melt butter over medium heat and cook onions until they start to become translucent. Adding a tiny bit of salt at this point helps to open them up and speed up the cooking process.
  2. Add carrots and celery and cook veggies, stirring occasionally until brown. Add the rest of your vegetables and cook for 5-10 minutes, browning a bit and adding flavor to the pan.
  3. Deglaze your pan with white white and let reduce for a minute or so.
  4. Add your chicken stock, and your optional chicken carcass, along with your bay leaves, thyme, and parsley stems. Boil for about an hour.
  5. Remove the carcass, season with salt and pepper and enjoy!

These Affordable Wellness Finds Will Change Your Life in 2018

Starting to take your wellness resolutions seriously yet? It’s almost mid-January so the time is def upon is. I even included this gorgeous picture of a soothing beach resort to remind you that travel is a huge component of being healthy and well, and with President’s Day Weekend coming up in February you have a perfect opportunity to get out of dodge on the cheap for a few days, do some yoga, and clear your head.

If you’re like me and need some motivation to help push you back into the swing of things, allow me to introduce you to some of the best wellness finds you can buy that are actually affordable too. From gear to books and retreats, there’s no time like the present to get moving on this new year!



A post shared by jillyhendrix (@jillyhendrix) on

Get to Holbox, about 2 hours outside of Cancun, before everyone else does. It’s the new new Tulum, and still relatively affordable, while being insanely gorgeous and perfect for some downward dog and cucumber bevvies. My very cool New York friends Jilly, Elise, and Marissa were just there and they loved it. Trust them.

If you want to attend an actual yoga retreat, check out Omm Retreat (the next one is in May) at the Villa Flamingo’s hotel in Holbox for 5 nights (plus 2 yoga classes a day, daily breakfast and a farewell dinner) for $900. YEA. $900. Book it now.



At only $17 on Amazon, nutritionist to women you love in Hollywood, Kelly LeVeque hands over the keys to healthy, lean bodies in her book Body Love: Live in Balance, Weigh What You Want, and Free Yourself from Food Drama ForeverKelly is a master at approaching the kitchen with a sane sensibility, plus her recipe suggestions come from nutritionally-sound science which I’m a big fan of. Her food is delicious, creative, and easy to make (I know first hand because I’ve tried it) – like great comfort food made with healthy ingredients.

Also, pretty great client list she has going…just check out her Instagram to see some of the famous bods she gets into shape (hello, Jessica Alba and Molly Sims).



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Tone It Up girls, you know who you are! I’m starting the Tone It Up program in early February once I get another steroid injection in my back for a herniated disk (fun) and I can’t wait to get my body moving. The app has like, a billion 5-star reviews from women just like you who want to get after it at the gym, Karena and Katrina (the co-founders) are fellow Southern California goddesses, and they really like pink (like me). At $12.99 a month, it certainly is a more affordable choice than a personal trainer and having looked over the incredible content, definitely looks to be worth the spend.



I discovered Yoga Tune-Up balls through my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend (that’s a mouthful). I never met this nice gal, but the introduction to the Yoga Tune Up ball was like a gift sent from heaven. These round, rubber balls can be placed under the body at various pressure points, or where you have aches and pains and used to essentially massage the discomfort away. I LOVE THESE things, and at $18 on Amazon you’ll want to buy a set for everyone you know.



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It’s probably sick-in-the-head for how often most of us shop online, but if we gotta do it, at least there are businesses out there that cater to our better nature. Enter Thrive Market, a newish online grocery that brings niche and upcoming wellness brands across food and wellness to the masses. In essence, they cut out the middleman to bring you great food at affordable prices. 

I even like their own brand of products – you gotta check out the Coconut Aminos. Yum!

So – that’s my list of affordable wellness finds that will certainly change your life in 2018. What are some your faves? I’m always on the hunt and would love to see your lists below in the comments!