New Year, Same Night Time Beauty Routine!

Hello my lovelies!! I hope all of your holidays were amazing and filled with lots of love,laughter & yummy recipes!

Now I’m sure most of you have geared up and gotten your New Year’s Resolutions in order but are you keeping up and being consistent with your previous ones?! I feel like consistency is essential to achieving any and everything you want out of life! Whether it’s something as simple as sticking to a skin care routine to doing some type of physical activity for at least 20 minutes a day, forming good habits will help you out in all aspects of your life!

With that being said, I’d like to share with you beauties what my nighttime beauty routine consists of!

Step 1: Remove Makeup

Literally as soon as I walk in the door I head straight to the bathroom to take off my makeup because I know if I don’t do it right away I run the risk of getting lazy and forgetting- falling asleep with makeup on is a huge NO NO. I typically will use makeup wipes for wiping my day away since they’re easy to use and mess free!

Step 2: Bath Time

While I’m removing my makeup I’ll have my bath running that way I can hop into my warm bath as soon as possible. Taking a long hot bath to detox and de-stress is what I look forward to most at the end of a long day! This is my time to meditate and reflect and wash away any negative energy I may have absorbed during a hectic day in the city (I really wish washing away problems could work in real life but hey it’s more so the mental aspect of it that I appreciate!!) Turning off the lights, lighting some candles, keeping my phone far away from me,soaking in some Epsom Salt and using Love Wellness’ ph balancing cleanser are how I enjoy showing myself self love and chillin’ the F out!

Step 3: Skin Care

Once I’m all pruney and out of the bath, I’ll throw on a cozy robe and start showing my skin some love! After cleansing my face, I apply 3 different products. First up is SkinMedica Retinol Complex 0.5 which is amazing for enhancing skin tone, texture and resiliency! Then I’ll dabble on another one of my fav. products from SkinMedica, the Lytera 2.0 Serum to help brighten up my complexion and finally I’ll finish up with Dermalogica Active Moist which contains some of my favorite ingredients such as lemon, lavender and cucumber which all help to refine my skin while providing deep hydration throughout the night!

Step 4: Technology Off

Now that my skin is prepped and ready to stay hydrated throughout the night, I’ll take a quick moment to check my phone for any important emails or texts I may have missed but after that I stay away from all technology, yes including Netflix, an hour before going to bed. Instead of binging my new favorite show or getting wrapped up on Instagram, I’ll read a book until my eyes and brain finally want to shut off. I’ve found this helps tremendously with being able to fall asleep faster and better and getting my 8 hours of beauty sleep is SUPER important for me and for those around me the next morning! HAHA

I’d love to hear what is involved in y’alls PM beauty routines as well so please feel free to share!

Featured image by : @revolvebeauty