Have You Heard of Plant Nite?

Plan a date!

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Paint Nite. If not, Paint Nite is an event that usually takes place in the back section of a restaurant where you’re encouraged to drink a bit of liquid courage and become inspired enough to paint a picture you thought you could never paint. Yup! A resident artist guides you step-by-step through a series of how-tos and you’re eventually left with a beautiful canvas to bring home. All the art supplies are free. Some places even allow you to bring your own booze. Best of all, you don’t need to be an artist to join in on the fun.

Plant Nite, however, is a different activity in and of itself. Instead of painting a picture, Plant Nite goers create their very own terrariums! When I found out about Plant Nite, I knew I needed to hop on the gardening wagon. I immediately scheduled an available date around my birthday and invited a few girlfriends to join in own the fun. Don’t worry, you don’t need a “green thumb” to excel. These fun events are really open to all, regardless whether you know a lil’ something something or nothing nothing about plants and painting.

Step 1. After the gloves went on, we started building the bottom layer of rocks!

Step 2. The succulent soil comes next, and we packed a lot in there!

Step 3. We got to choose two succulents, plant them, and spritz them with water!

Step 4. The staff gave us extra small rocks in different colors and dyed moss to decorate!

Let me know in the comments below what you think! I totally recommend going to Plant Nite. It’s always fun to get your creative juices flowing after a little booze. Don’t forget to check Groupon or the website itself for a discount code when attending these events, as they can get a little pricey. For now, use LODOWN45 for 45% off until the end of March. Happy planting, LoDown fam!

DIY Chokers

I wrote off chokers when everyone started rewearing those plastic ones from the 90’s. To be completely honest, I wore one, without fail, from the ages of six to nine. Actually, I still have it! It’s in my baby box right next to the onesie I wore home from the hospital. Even so, I just don’t think they’re that tasteful. Since chokers are here to stay for this season at least, I figured I might as well experiment and make room for them in my style. Here is what I learned:

  1. Don’t wear a choker for the sake of wearing a choker. Make it work.
  2. Layering is your best friend. Combine thin ones with different fabrics or cascading gold chains.
  3. Don’t spend $15 on a choker that you can make with a quick trip to Michael’s.

Seriously, go to Michael’s and buy ribbon/rope/whatever your heart desires and voilà a DIY! I bought suede ribbon, velvet ribbon, and leather cord.






In case these don’t do it for you, here are some other options that are TLD-approved.

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DIY Vegan Face Wash

My skin idol? J. Lo, duh. That lady glows, man! How am I getting that gorgeous skin? A facebrush (mine is the Ultimate Skin Spa from Vanity Planet – save 70% http://vpwow.com/wash70) that costs less than $40 and a DIY Vegan face wash that’s super soothing!


[directions title=”Ingredients”]

  1. 1/4 cup of chamomile tea
  2. Combine with 1/4 cup pure castile soap (I used Dr. Bronner’s baby formula)
  3. Add a 4 teaspoons of grape seed oil
  4. Add a couple drops of lemon essential oils
  5. Wet your face brush and add some face wash directly to the bristles!



DIY: Decorative Pots and Planters

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I’m the world’s #1 accidental plant killer, but I love me some greenery in my house.  I had a big wall of shelves to fill, so I decided to use faux succulents instead of the real thing to spruce up my apartment.  This DIY: Decorative Pots and Planters, is Level 1 in difficulty and very affordable!
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