Decorate your Apartment with Etsy


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Turns out Etsy isn’t just for home-made jewelry anymore – the furniture department is blowing up, and I’m all about scooping up gorgeous one of a kind pieces for my new apartment.  From my new coffee table, to pillows, and small decorative items for shelves (I have 28 to fill, ah!), Etsy is my new go-to.  The absolute best part is that the majority of the decorate items I’ve found are quite affordable (apart from my table, which was a splurge), at least compared to boutique furniture stores with prices through the roof.    If your place needs sprucing up, I’d highly suggest you decorate your apartment with Etsy… [separator type=”thin”]


So, Tony over at Dylan Design Company in Baltimore, MD is doing something really special.  His pieces are works of art, using locally sourced materials, with a focus on renewable ones (like the gorgeous piece of wood he used to create my coffee table).



If you need cheap decorative items, look no further than Etsy.  There are hidden gems all over the site.  Each piece below is under $50!

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Box[/item] [/accordion]