The Best Lipsticks for Fall ’16

It’s time to pucker up, LoDown fam 💋

November is officially upon us and the holiday season is well on its way. With that said, it’s time to dress your lips up in celebration!

Primarily a dusty rose kind of gal who dips occasionally into the berries and the reds, I will be sharing a couple of my favorite lippie brands and shades.

Ready, set, muah!

Wait, what? Lipstick and lipliner in one product? You guys are geniuses, Benefit Cosmetics!

This lip kit comes with four shades—two on the bolder side and two on the more neutral spectrum. If you’re into the natural look, these colors are perfect for you. They’re hydrating and not super pigmented. Even though the lipstick and lipliner colors look very different, they actually compliment each other quite nicely! I personally prefer Pink Thrills and Lusty Rose.

Besame Cosmetics – Classic Color Lipsticks

Portrait Pink, Dusty Rose, Red Velvet

Yes to these vintage-looking gold tubes, and a double yes to the unique shape of the product!

I don’t know about you, but I love lipsticks that vary slightly from the uniform shape. I find these specific ones easier to apply, especially when it comes down to precision. Best of all, they’re highly pigmented, long-lasting, and dry matte!

Charlotte Tilbury – Hot Lips & Matte Revolution

Secret Salma, Walk of Shame, Amazing Grace

Yaaas, more gold bullets!

Inspired by lip brushes, these lipsticks come in square-angled tips. Designed with 3D glowing pigments (to make the lips appear fuller and wider) they’re a must-own if you like the matte look.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Infamous, Understudy

I’ve been obsessed with the shade “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” for a couple of years now. It’s the my-lips but-better color for my skin!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Infamous are my go-to colors that not only stay on but also keep my lips super moisturized. Understudy, a close second to the two aforementioned stellar shades, is not shabby either. I use these three shades interchangeably on lazy days when I need a sheer pop of pink!

No. 54, Deviant, Unspeakable, Bound

I’ve been carrying “Bound” in my bag since these NARS babies launched last month.

No, they’re not liquid lipsticks. These Glides apply like gloss and dry semi-matte. Just if you’re wondering, they’re not drying at all!  A few touch ups throughout the day will keep your lips luscious with a pop of color!

Tom Ford Beauty – Lip Color

Spanish Pink, Wild Ginger, Forbidden Pink

Probably the silkiest lipsticks I’ve ever felt on my lips.

These lippies are creamy and moisturizing with long-lasting color payoff. The collection has a variety of colors and a generous range of nudes. I’ll probably be purchasing Indian Rose next!

Too Faced Cosmetics – La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick

Sweet Maple, Spice Spice Baby, Pink Chocolate

Literally the smoothest lipstick tubes my fingers have ever touched.

These lipsticks are filled with creamy moisturizing benefits. The colors go on smoothly with just the right amount of pigment. This collection has a wide range of neutrals and pinks. I have yet to try their shimmer finish shades!

Urban Decay – Vice Lipstick

Rapture, Violate, Naked

Urban Decay never lets me down and they get brownie points for having unique packaging, great colors and finishes, all at affordable prices!

The Vice Lipstick collection comes in six different finishes, and the cream finish is my absolute favorite. Rapture, Violate, and Naked are the perfect neutral colors for the fall season.

What are your fall favorite lip products?