NYFW: LC Lauren Conrad Collection for Kohls

Fashion Week is ON, y’all!  Our first show review: LC Lauren Conrad Collection for Kohls, a show I was thrilled to attend for obvious reasons.  Lauren has been working tirelessly for months on her runway collection and it really showed at her NYFW debut.  If you missed the livestream you can check out video of the beautiful, feminine show here.
The event was more than just beautiful clothes – it was an opportunity to get our group of best girls together to support one of our own.  After the show we all enjoyed a festive dinner together at Beauty & Essex on the LES with friends, family, homies from Kohls, and Lauren’s team.  But now…back to the clothes:


Look 16


Look 1


Look 27


Look 4

What do you think of Lauren’s Runway Collection for Kohls?  Let us know in the comments below!

Floral Nail Art Manicure

Saw my Instagram and want to rock this adorable floral nail art manicure for yourself?  It’s incredibly easy to achieve because no nail polish is required to wear this look!  Getting floral nails for summer is as easy as taking a quick trip to your nearest drug store.

So many of you asked that I had to share this not-so-secret: my nails aren’t painted at all.  Instead, they’re wrapped in Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips in “Girl Flower” and they only cost me around $9.  A few of the other patterns available look a bit too manufactured for me, but I’ve gotten pretty results using Lustrous, Glitz Blitz, and Misbehaved.

These polish strips are some of the easier ones to apply, especially because it seems like they’ve changed the sizing on the strips to be a bit more uniform since I used them last.  The patterns aren’t amazing, but a select few are definitely hot-to-trot.  My tips for applying these are below.



1. It’s critical that your nail is completely dry before applying the polish strips.  Wipe some acetone or alcohol over your nails with a bit of cotton to do this.

2. Measure the polish strips against your own nails before you start, and line them up in the correct order on a table.

3. Unpeel each strip completely before applying (I disregard the directions here as it’s easier to shape the strip without the top layer of plastic still attached) and delicately fold the strip around your nail, starting at the cuticle.

4. If you need to shape the strip, I’d recommend using cuticle cutters to get the job done quickly and more precisely than the small emory board provided in the package.  Same goes for the tips – just cut the ends off where your nail ends and fold the remaining part of the strip over and under the tip of your nail.

5. The wooden board provided in the kit actually does a great job of sealing the strip to your nail.  Just be sure to hold it on there pretty hard, and use your fingers for a final seal. 

I’d love to see your summer nails – tag me on Instagram @LoBosworth and use my #AtHomeMani hashtag!