Guide to Gratitude

May this how-to bring you clarity on a cloudy day

We often hear people uttering the importance of gratitude but when was the last time you felt truly grateful?

To be honest, I often feel a disconnect between knowing when to be thankful and actually feeling it. It is always easier to focus on the things that are not working instead of the things that are. In fact, I really believe society has conditioned us to assume that more is simply better.

Now that Thanksgiving weekend is upon us, however, I’d like to encourage you all to reset, get excited about life, and rightfully take in ALL the love and joy that surrounds you!

Here’s how!

1. Keep a Journal!

It is essential you take the time to really “practice” gratitude. The easiest way to begin is by journaling. Before putting my pen to paper, I like to start by picking out a cute notebook—anything water color or marble-printed. It helps with my creative process!

Regardless of where you are in life, you have something to be thankful for, however small. The contents of my list, for example, vary from superficial possessions to deeply-felt and emotionally-charged experiences. Both are completely valid!

I am grateful for –

  • Unconditional love from my family
  • Having an afternoon tea date with my grandmother
  • The opportunity to move up in the company

I am grateful for –

  • Zac Efron’s body
  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows
  • New Acne boots

Despite the difference in scale and magnitude, the feeling of  gratitude remains the same.

2. Make it a Habit!

8f5b4ae3b588b4df1d4883e49db41da4Because gratitude does not come naturally for a lot of many people, myself included, the constant practice of it makes for a more grateful heart. I usually experience three days of bubbling positivity before coming across a bad one that  makes me feel as though I have to restart my mission to gratitude. Don’t worry if you’re not immediately successful. Expecting an overnight shift is perspective is a little farfetched especially when it takes 21 takes to form a habit.

Ease into the process by committing  ten or so minutes to journaling. Being disciplined and trusting of this process will allow you to shift your current downcasted feelings towards a more light and love-focused one. As the habit form over time, they’ll natural become instinctual!

3. Spread the Love!

Once you reach a state of continuous gratitude, the positive change will be felt by others. Not only will you find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals, but you will also attract an abundance of love and life experiences. Think of it this way: themore love, gratitude, and positivity you create, the more those effervescent vibes find their way back to you.

Gratitude makes everything grow.

It is remarkable what can come when you allow yourself to experience all that life has to offer. These three tips can enable you to elevate your mind to a place of light and love.  Feeling grateful and following these tips is the only way I pull myself out of a bad day. Give it a try! The long weekend is a great start because laughter, food and drinks will already be flowing. First thing to be grateful for? Pants with elastic waistbands! More food please!