My Go-To Gifts For The Holiday Season

Happy Holidays my loves!! 

Shopping is my favorite kind of therapy but doing it during the holidays can turn into a real headache when you’re not even sure what to gift your loved ones so I thought I’d give you guys some ideas with my gift guide for the season! 

First things first, Love Wellness Supplements. More than anything I’m all about the well being of those close to me so naturally I think of what health & wellness products I could give and not to sound biased or anything but I’m obviously a big fan of Love Wellness products and really believe in them! One of my absolute favs is the Good to Glow pill. Loaded with vitamin C and collagen, give the gift of every day radiance to your gal pals! 

Negative Supreme Sleep Pajamas

Ever wish you could just roll out of bed still looking chic AF to head to a coffee meeting or grab brunch with your babes? Um who doesn’t want a pair of pjs that can do that?! Whether you’re lounging around the house or feeling too lazy to even think about an outfit to change into to head out, the Negative Supreme Sleep Pajamas can transform your look from cozy to effortlessly fab real quick! 

Boy Smells Candles

Candles are the perfect present when you really have no idea what to get someone. Fill someone’s humble abode with my latest obsession, Boy Smells Candles!All of the scents are amazing but the St.Al candle is the perfect mixture of floral and masculine!

For even more options check out this “Instagram’s Top Fashion and Beauty Influencers Reveal Their Ultimate Gift Picks” article in People mag. 😉

Fall in Love with Teak & Twine-

Good morning, LoDown fam!

Can you feel the holiday spirit now that we’re approaching mid-December? I, for one, am totally enjoying all the festivities—the holiday music, holiday drinks, holiday markets, and all around holiday cheer!

Leading up to Christmas, I will be sharing some of my holiday gift guides with y’all. Today, we’re going to start off with the cutest gift boxes ever from Teak & Twine! I had such an amazing time chatting with founder, Torrance Hart, about how Teak & Twine came to life!

The Maple Leaf

Can you tell us about yourself and what sparked the idea of Teak & Twine?

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial streak and a love for beautiful packaging. When I looked at options for welcome gifts for my own wedding two years ago, I wasn’t seeing what I was looking for—gift boxes where each product [inside] was beautiful in and of itself, and aesthetically cohesive with the other contents to create a unified color scheme and look. So, I started buying products I had loved for years and putting them together in unique color combinations on Instagram… and the rest is history!

The New Home

How do you decide which brands to work with?

I look for two things: highest quality products and gorgeous packaging! The product is the most important—if it’s chocolate, it has to taste delicious. If they are candles, they need to smell and burn beautifully. I tend to gravitate toward more simple packaging, clean lines and graphic fonts are my favorite! Most of the products we carry are made by hand in small settings and I love that too!

The Lavender Field

Of all the curated gift boxes, which box is the most popular?

The Peony… but The Birthday and The Lavender Field are close behind!

Do you have personal favorites?

Yes! The Tuxedo and The Evening are my two favorites!

Tell us about your custom boxes!

We have so much fun putting together our custom gifts!  Our goal with each gift is for the giver to say, “wow, that gift is so ___!!” That’s the best compliment! When we’re working on a custom project, we love hearing all about the recipient: their favorite colors, hobbies, activities, foods, where they live… anything that can help us get a feeling for their personality and aesthetic. We create and send a photo of our gift to the client and go from there. We’re always happy to make tweaks until it’s 100% perfect!


Custom Box

What was the most unique box you’ve put together?

We got a request once for a custom gift for a “self-described computer nerd who doesn’t drink alcohol or eat sugar.”  If you’ve seen any of our boxes, that’s a challenge!  We ended up having so much fun with it: we included some unique handmade mugs I had found in Austin (since he was really into tea) and tracked down some wrapping paper inspired by computer graphics!  He loved it!

What do you love most about Teak & Twine?

My amazing team! I love seeing our studio bustling – the energy is amazing! I am so lucky to have found the best group of girl bosses to work with – all of them are detail focused and client focused which I love… plus they are SO much fun!


Aren’t the boxes breathtaking? Don’t forget to check out the rest of the Teak & Twine collection. There is something for everyone, even for him