How to Make Mindful Fashion Purchases

Do you prefer “fashion victim” or “ensemble-y challenged?”– Cher Horowitz, Clueless.

With cozy knits, soft scarves, and bomber jackets front and center in just about every September magazine issue, it’s rather common to feel overwhelmed as you flip through each brightly-colored page. As someone who is easily swayed by the carefully curated fashion spreads, I’ll be the first to admit that come fall, I always feel obligated to buy expensive and impractical trendy pieces by the pound.

That said, purchasing less and being more mindful of how we spend our hard-earned dollars, especially this time of year, can translate positively on how we look and how we feel.

This season, I’m making a promise to curb my impulsive shopping habits. Not only do I plan to swap out my cutesy patterned dresses for something more structured and classic, but I also hope to purchase pieces that can easily transition from day to night wear.

If you’re looking to edit your style without breaking the bank, or if you’re looking for a healthy fashion refresher in general, here are five of my favorite outfit tips!

Let’s go, Cher!

1. Aim to be guilt-free

Nothing comes close to the high you feel after spontaneously splurging on a trendy piece recently worn by the likes of Kylie Jenner. Trust me, I get it.

While Kylie may have looked extra chic in her leather jumpsuit, the same item, however, may not be as practical for you. Before you reach for your credit card, ask yourself whether or not the piece you’re about to purchase resonates with both your closet and lifestyle. If the answer is “no,” but you’re still torn, mull the decision over a couple of days. Think hard about how you will incorporate the item into your everyday life.

I, for one, always feel a rush of guilt when I run my fingers, every morning, pass the pieces I buy but never wear. Avoid these feelings by being more conscious of your shopping decisions.

2. Minimize rushing

Unless you’re a morning person, struggling to get to work on time may be a daily battle. Instead of adding to that unnecessary stress, having a closet filled with timeless, classic, and versatile pieces, may help make choosing what to wear become less complicated.

Even though you’ll always have pieces strictly for vacations and special events, folding them away or hanging them in the back of your closet, while allowing your more neutral pieces to shine, will make getting ready a breeze.

Starting out your day feeling less rushed will definitely put that extra pep in your step!

3. Identify your style

As brutal as this may sound, our appearance often solidifies our first impressions. It goes without saying that you should make that impression count!

When your closet is filled to the brim with graphic tees and trendy pieces that don’t speak to your character, who you are can get lost in the mix of fabric.

My closet, for example, is overflowing with patterned, cutesy dresses that are not only taking up much needed space, but are also unrepresentative of who I am evolving to be. That simply needs to change!

4. Save money down the road

The more edited and refined your closet is, the more money you end up saving down the road. Choosing to buy less and spending your money on only the timeless pieces will automatically save you money in the long run. While doing so may be a significant cost up front, over time, you will come out on top! Instead of buying multiple blazers–embellished, pattered, oversized, and whatnot–buy a classic one that will stay with you through the years.

5. Make money

What do you do with you do with the duds you don’t want? Gather them up and bring them to your local consignment store. The best way to feel better after an impulsive purchase that can’t be returned is to sell it and get some of your money back! Otherwise, doing a closet swap with your friends or donating your old clothes to Goodwill is just as effective!


Feature image via Guy Bourdin Photography