Who Doesn’t Love a Good Sock Heel?

The weather in New York has been incredibly unpredictable this past week. One day it feels like spring, and the next day I’m quickly reminded we’re only halfway through winter. At least the sun is now setting a little on the later side. It’s been quite nice taking Blue out on his evening walks when there’s still light out!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’m a comfort-first kind of girl. On days when I’m not too sure how the weather’s going to hold up, I always opt for an ensemble that’s smart-chic—one that will keep me warm if the temperature suddenly drops, or one that can also be modified the other way if the weather miraculously warms up.

When conquering the unpredictable, I layer.

Given how nice and toasty I already was in my Wolford turtle-neck bodysuit and trusty Levi’s jeans, I probably could have done without my Theory tweed wrap coat. But, with the weather in mind and errands to run, I couldn’t leave my apartment without a soft, comfortable jacket, that pulled everything together and elevated my otherwise casual look.

These Christian Louboutin sock heels, are, in my very humble opinion, to die for—mainly because they’re super comfortable to walk in. Yup, you read that right the first time! Louboutin heels are beautiful, yes, but comfortable? Not always. I couldn’t resist picking up this pair when I realized I could actually move around in them!

Oh, and style trick! If you’re more on the petite end of the human height spectrum, cuff your jeans! The little extra touch makes a big difference. Your jeans will look like they were made for you.

A minimal base or outfit is really the way to go.

You can always dress your look up with accessories. I just grabbed a pair of Krewe sunglasses before heading out the door.

Ear climbers are also a great way to add finishing touches. Mine are from Graziela Gems.

So, yes, if you’re having a little trouble navigating the unpredictable—weather, obligations, and life—I hope this look will help you take fashion challenges off the plate.

Let me know what you think of if you have any specific looks you’d like to see! x

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Don’t You Love a Statement Coat?

I have mixed feelings about winter.  I love snow—especially when it’s fresh and falling—but I hate when it sits on New York City sidewalks collecting dust, dirt, and grime.  I love the cooler weather because it lends to layering and experimenting with different fabrics, but I hate the extra windy days because it makes the temperature at least 10 degrees colder.  I love the five-or-so months it’s considered “appropriate” (if not necessary) to wear a coat.  Yup, I do!  No extra conditions, no “ifs,” no “buts.”

I love a good coat.  Don’t you?

If I described my style in one word, it would probably be “laid back.” “Chill,” in my opinion, has always been “in.” Minus the color palette and appropriate accessories (bags, jewelry, and shoes), I’ve always prioritized comfort. I am more confident when I’m comfortable with what I’m wearing. Often times, that’s a great pair of jeans, a soft sweater, and some nice kicks, but if I leave my apartment, I like to pull everything together with my outermost layer.

In this outfit, I’m wearing an IRO mustard coat, a well-loved pair of Levi’s, and super cool green buckle heels from Paul Andrew

Since moving to New York roughly 7 years ago, I’ve modified my fashion closet significantly.  While I’ve adopted everyone’s general preference for all-black clothing, I still keep statement pieces here and there to add occasional pops of color to any outfit I’m wearing.

Statement coats, like this boxy over-sized one, are a great way to help keep warm, hide food babies, and pull a look together.  To keep with my low-key theme, I completed my outfit with rings from EF Collection.

When in doubt, keep it simple, silly!

For all you creatives, this outfit is perfect for work.  It’s elevated enough to show that you’ve put effort into what you’ve chosen to wear, but it’s also chill, laid-back, and all sorts of comfortable.  If you are stuck with a more rigid dress code for work, this option would also be great for weekend brunchings or afternoons out!

I like to cuff my jeans because it elongates my petite frame and highlights my heels, but feel free to do you!  Experiment with style and comfort level.  Dressing as who you are is always a work in progress!  Just in case you’re wondering, I opted for a simple Theory nude silk blouse for a top that doesn’t take away from the coat!

Anyway,  Happy Tuesday, everyone! Let me know what you think of this outfit!

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