Hydrate On Your Commute With This Tasty, Hot Bevvie

Y’all know I’m no stranger to Liquid I.V. – my favorite way to maximize hydration when I first wake up, after a workout, when I’m sick, or after a late night out (who me? never). I first wrote about their non-GMO, electrolyte drink mix last year when I discovered it, but I’ve gotten a bit more creative since then about how I mix it up, especially with the cooler weather!

If you’re not familiar, Liquid I.V. is a hydration maximizer delivered as a powder drink mix in individual packets. The technology behind Liquid I.V. utilizes Cellular Transport Technology to deliver hydration to your bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. So, if you mix up 1 Liquid I.V. pack into 16 oz of water, it’s like drinking 2-3 bottles of water! Pretty cool, right?

I’m a fan first and foremost because I feel like this is a product that actually works. After a particularly wild night out the other weekend, I drank a Liquid I.V. before I went to bed, and one when I woke up and seriously, I felt a-okay the next morning. Normally, I have to peel myself off the floor because #OLD.

Along with the obvious night-out benefits, the hydrating effects of the product really help keep my skin moisturized nicely, especially throughout this past winter. Like I mentioned above as well, I’ve been drinking Liquid I.V. as a hot beverage in the morning to get those max hydrating benefits.

I love a hot lemon water in the a.m. and it dawned on me that I could really maximize the benefits of that clarifying tonic by adding 1 pack of Liquid I.V. to it. All you do is combine 16 ounces of warm/hot water with the juice of 1 small lemon, and then mix in your packet of Liquid I.V.  The result is a tangy, hot, ultra-healthy morning beverage that’s perfect for your to-go cup!  It’s a hydration/detox double whammy. Plus, if you want 15% off your Liquid I.V., my pals over there have provided a code for just that: LOBOS15. Shop the goods here.

I’d love to hear about creative ways you drink Liquid I.V. since I love to try new kitchen experiments. Leave your comments below with your best idea!