It’s Time to Show Yourself Some Love

Give yourself a pat and then some!

There have been times when I get so wrapped up with work, family, and friends, that I completely forget to check in on myself. In fact, when I’m busy tending to the needs of others, asking myself a “how are you doing?” is the last thing on my mind. Unfortunately, the gesture, however simple and seemingly small, should never be overlooked.

Feeling a little guilty? Shake it off!

It’s time to shower yourself in some much needed attention!

Loving Talk

There is both weight and value in the conversations we have with ourselves. The thoughts that float through our minds can influence us tremendously. While this may seem slightly overhwelming at times, know that you are in control of your thoughts. The more encouraging conversations you have with yourself, the more positive your outlook on life. Believe it or not, you will soon gain the confidence to share your accomplishments out loud.


Treat Yourself

Take the time to really treat yourself to something special. There doesn’t have to be a reason for the gift— sometimes knowing you made it through the day is reason enough! Everyone has a different way of relaxing. Maybe it’s that new scarf you’ve been eyeing for the winter, or that face cream you’ve been chewing your sister’s ear off about! Maybe it’s even taking  a Friday afternoon off work to get a message. I know a new candle or fresh flowers brings me such joy! Remember to balance working hard with playing equally hard.


Check In with Yourself

Self reflection leads to positive changes. Give yourself the necessary time and space to to explore your feelings. You’ll grow as a result. Ask yourself questions: What can you do better? What can you congratulate yourself for achieving thus far? Allow yourself to make adjustments in order to meet the goals youset for yourself. A simple shift in perception could allow you to feel lighter and more loving towards your overall journey.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” —Oscar Wilde

I hope you are able to make the small changes that gear you towards a life of self love. Accomplishing all that you have thus far is no small feat, so celebrate you!

Muah xx,


Guide to Gratitude

May this how-to bring you clarity on a cloudy day

We often hear people uttering the importance of gratitude but when was the last time you felt truly grateful?

To be honest, I often feel a disconnect between knowing when to be thankful and actually feeling it. It is always easier to focus on the things that are not working instead of the things that are. In fact, I really believe society has conditioned us to assume that more is simply better.

Now that Thanksgiving weekend is upon us, however, I’d like to encourage you all to reset, get excited about life, and rightfully take in ALL the love and joy that surrounds you!

Here’s how!

1. Keep a Journal!

It is essential you take the time to really “practice” gratitude. The easiest way to begin is by journaling. Before putting my pen to paper, I like to start by picking out a cute notebook—anything water color or marble-printed. It helps with my creative process!

Regardless of where you are in life, you have something to be thankful for, however small. The contents of my list, for example, vary from superficial possessions to deeply-felt and emotionally-charged experiences. Both are completely valid!

I am grateful for –

  • Unconditional love from my family
  • Having an afternoon tea date with my grandmother
  • The opportunity to move up in the company

I am grateful for –

  • Zac Efron’s body
  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows
  • New Acne boots

Despite the difference in scale and magnitude, the feeling of  gratitude remains the same.

2. Make it a Habit!

8f5b4ae3b588b4df1d4883e49db41da4Because gratitude does not come naturally for a lot of many people, myself included, the constant practice of it makes for a more grateful heart. I usually experience three days of bubbling positivity before coming across a bad one that  makes me feel as though I have to restart my mission to gratitude. Don’t worry if you’re not immediately successful. Expecting an overnight shift is perspective is a little farfetched especially when it takes 21 takes to form a habit.

Ease into the process by committing  ten or so minutes to journaling. Being disciplined and trusting of this process will allow you to shift your current downcasted feelings towards a more light and love-focused one. As the habit form over time, they’ll natural become instinctual!

3. Spread the Love!

Once you reach a state of continuous gratitude, the positive change will be felt by others. Not only will you find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals, but you will also attract an abundance of love and life experiences. Think of it this way: themore love, gratitude, and positivity you create, the more those effervescent vibes find their way back to you.

Gratitude makes everything grow.

It is remarkable what can come when you allow yourself to experience all that life has to offer. These three tips can enable you to elevate your mind to a place of light and love.  Feeling grateful and following these tips is the only way I pull myself out of a bad day. Give it a try! The long weekend is a great start because laughter, food and drinks will already be flowing. First thing to be grateful for? Pants with elastic waistbands! More food please!



How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.

Anyone who’s ever been in a long distance relationship knows that reliable Wi-Fi, frequent flyer points, and excellent communication skills are among the many necessities crucial to making that relationship work. Long distance isn’t easy. In fact, maintaining any romantic relationship can be a daunting and difficult task.

The high highs are high but the low lows are low.

Although rewarding when successful, long distance relationships, following their initial bliss can be extremely stressful. Whether it meeting your soulmate while studying abroad or having to part with a loved one because he was offered a job opportunity on the other side of the country, timing and distance can be tricky obstacles to maneuver.

Here are four ways to help set your LD relationship up for longevity and success.

Ready, set, breathe!

1. Get on the Same Page

Before you and your partner commit to any long distance arrangement, it is extremely important to make sure that you are both on the same page. Discussing the status of your relationship (open or exclusive) and identifying your individual needs will help you and your significant other manage expectations.

2. Become Tech-Savvy

Technologically adept or inept, it’s always a plus to know the ins and outs of communication applications like Skype or Facetime. Seeing your partner, even if only through a screen is still a helpful way to keep your romance alive. Everyone has their way of communicating affection, but consistency will be key in reminding each other that you care.

3. Communicate Effectively

For any relationship to work, both partners must communicate effectively. In regular romantic relationships, you are able to pick up on your partner’s body language and facial expressions. The same, however, proves more difficult in LD relationships. When relying solely on verbal communication, expressing your needs and expectations straight-forwardly will ultimately strengthen your relationship. At the same time, it’s equally important if not more so to be a good listener. Honesty and open-mindedness are the pillars to all healthy relationships.

4. Plan Ahead

Keep your eyes on the prize. Being separated from a loved one can be challenging, especially when seeing that special someone can be days, if not months, into the future. Planning and counting down until your next shared time together can make the long nights less long and dreary. Booking that vacation, looking up flights, and engaging in some harmless daydreaming is always loads of fun.


The Couple That Sweats Together, Stays Together!

Hi Everyone!

Love is love is love is love, so why not fall in love while sweating together?

My other half, Zach, and I love to sweat as a team. It makes us feel more connected because we enjoy helping each other achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Our biggest accomplishments, both emotional and physical, are realized when we encourage each other to try new moves, activities, and workouts. To avoid an otherwise normal and boring routine, dare your partner to get out of his or her comfort zone! You’ll see positive results in your relationship and respective bodies.

They say, “The couple that sweats together, stays together.”

There’s no time like the present to replace that ice-cream trip with a trip to the gym. Once you and your partner realize the bedroom isn’t the only place to get sweaty palms, hearts racing, and a mutual shortness of breath, the two of you will be amazed by how intimate a 30-minute workout can be.

Make sure to take those 15-30 second breaks, in-between activities, to bring your heart rates down, if you need them!

Here’s the workout:

Oh, and don’t forget to have FUN!

30 Minute Couple’s Cardio


Lateral Shuffle

Get your muscles warmed up and hearts pumping right off the bat. Face each other, get down low, and shuffle back and forth in unison.

60 seconds

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_MG_0159Jumping Jacks with Toe Taps

Your standard jumping jacks with a little tap of love. Alternate tapping your partner’s foot as you raise your arms in the air.

60 Seconds

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While one partner is lying down on his back for sit-ups, the other partner is holding his feet doing push-ups.

45 seconds and switch. Repeat 2x.

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_MG_0185Jump Squat Plank Switch

One partner is holding a plank, while the other partner is jumps over his plank into a squat.

45 seconds and switch. Repeat 2x.

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_MG_0192Glute Raises

Find a true connection with your partner by placing your feet against each other’s. Feet are connected and legs are at 90 degrees. Apply pressure and raise your booty off the floor.

60 seconds

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_MG_0199Wall Sit/High Knees

Find a wall. One partner goes into a wall sit with his hands straight out, parallel to the floor. The other partner goes into high knees, bringing her knees above her partner’s hands.

45 seconds and switch. Repeat 2x.

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_MG_0208Plank and Army Crawls

One partner starts in a full plank while the other partner army crawls under his plank. Once she is done with her army crawl, she gets right into a plank and her partner runs around and army crawls through. Continue to rotate until the 60 seconds is up.

60 seconds

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_MG_0224Climb and Crunch

One person is on the ground for crunches while her partner holds onto her knees. Once ready, she starts the crunches and her partner starts his mountain climbers using her knees for balance.

45 seconds and switch. Repeat 2x.

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_MG_0235Plank Up & Down with High Five

Alternate from high to low plank with a high-five to your partner in-between.

45 seconds on – 15 sec rest. Repeat 2x.

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_MG_0236Core Twist and Pass

Russian twists with a twist!? Grab a weight and pass it to your partner as you both go side-to-side. The weight will go in a full circle. Switch directions for the second round.

45 seconds. Repeat 2x.

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_MG_0245Partner Burpees

Start by standing face-to-face, then, hit the ground, kick your feet out, complete a push-up, bring your knees in, and jump back up. Finish each burpee with a high-five.

60 seconds

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_MG_0247Partner Plank

End with this, trust me. One partner is down in a plank while the other partner planks on top in the opposite direction (feet on back, hands on ankles). Finish this workout by feeling connected in more ways than one.

60 seconds

Workout complete!

You are officially high on love. Don’t forget to stretch together to end on the right note!


I will be using these moves all week long. Follow me to see them in action!

Peace & Love,

Emily Burkhardt