How To Get Your Groove Back After The Holidays

Lets get down to it, we’re about 2 weeks into 2019 and I just have one question, who is still struggling to get back into their groove?! *raises both hands*

I don’t know if it’s that my holidays were extra relaxing this year or I’m just in denial that I’m back in freezing NYC (love you but hate your cold air) and have to put on a million layers every time I walk out of the house but damn it’s taken me some time to come out of vacay mode.

Luckily I’ve found some tips that are helping me to slowly but surely get back to reality and I just had to share with you guys ‘cause I know I am not alone in this struggle!

Take Your Time:

Yes, you read that correctly. You just got back from your holiday break, that doesn’t mean you have to jump into meetings, schedules, workout classes, etc right away! Before you can actually get back into your normal routine, take some time to re-settle. When you’re back from your trip give yourself a day to rest and plan a light week ahead. It’s important to not overwhelm yourself because this will only further your procrastination and give you 0 motivation to get anything done. Don’t feel bad about giving yourself a little buffer time!

Give Your Home A Little Refresh:

The best way to help you feel settled and back to “real life” once you’re home is giving your place a little sprucing up that way it feels refreshed. The first thing you should do, as annoying as it is, is unpack! I swear once you have your suitcase hidden away and all of your clothes and fav. beauty products back to where they belong you will automatically feel more organized and relaxed-there’s nothing more daunting than a suitcase filled with clothes just staring at you every time you walk in the door!LOL  It’s also a good idea to change your bed sheets, open up your windows to let in some fresh air and maybe even buy some of your favorite flowers to greet you when you come home! I personally love buying new candles as well, they make my place feel so much homier and cozy!

Get Back On Track With Your Diet/Exercise Routine:

This may be the hardest part for most but it’s also a major part of getting back to your daily routine. You won’t feel totally like yourself until you’re back on track with eating right and getting some physical activity in! As great as going to holiday parties and chillin’ on the couch watching movies was, it’s time to get back to your regularly scheduled program! Before going full steam ahead, take a few days to catch up on sleep,refresh your home, then slowly start incorporating your favorite workouts into your schedule and if possible, go grocery shopping as soon as you’re able to. Going to get groceries is best done sooner than later because it will prevent you from ordering take out and making some bad (yet oh so good) decisions! Grocery shopping gives you control over what you’re buying and putting into your body. As soon as you’re back on track with your health commitments everything else will flow naturally. It’s all about a healthy mind, body and spirit people!

You’ve Got Mail:

Oh the dreaded email catch up! Ok so getting back on track with diet & exercise is hard but coming back to a ton of emails is scary! Maybe not so much scary as it is overwhelming but sheesh I break a sweat whenever I see double digits in my emails so imagine coming back to a post-holiday inbox! The ideal way to handle this is actually prior to taking your trip set up an out of office email which will help manage the expectations of those emailing you. If you forgot to do so don’t worry, you know you’re checking your email while on your trip anyways so might as well flag those emails you feel are important and delete those that are insignificant. When you get a free chance, get back to those emails that require immediate attention and if they can wait until after your vacation then prioritize them and reply later! Once you’re back in the office or working from home, tackle the most important emails and just know and accept the fact that you’re human and it will take a few days to get your inbox under control.

These are some simple yet effective tips to help you get back into your routine but I also want to share with you all a tip for avoiding those post-holiday blues because lets face it we were all living our best lives while we were away and now we’ll just be posting throwback photos with the caption “take me back!” because we never wanted our trips to end! To prevent yourself from wishing you were somewhere else than where you are currently, plan a few fun things for when you get back home! This can be anything from planning a coffee date with your girlfriends to catch up, treating yourself to a mani/pedi, signing up for that kick boxing class you’ve been wanting to try or even just setting aside a few hours to read a book! If you have something to look forward to you won’t have anytime to wish you were back on vacation so go ahead girl, get your groove back!

My Morning Vitamin Routine

Want in on my vitamin routine? Today let’s get into which vitamins I take in the morning and why. The vitamins I take are always issue-specific and driven by a few natural ingredients that are proven to provide good health benefits.

I also consider some items that aren’t in vitamin form a part of my routine, like:

DETOX with Sakara’s Detox Water Concentrates


This is a really cool product, and I really like the founders of Sakara! Essentially the Detox Water Concentrate is chlorophyll combined with magnesium, and up to 72 trace minerals. The science behind this product is that the ingredients bind to toxins, and then you pee them out.

FEEL GOOD with #Mood Pills by Love Wellness


The star ingredients in #Mood Pills? Organic and natural ones that lift my hormonal mood. Some of the majors include: Organic St. John’s Wort: a flowering plant that studies show may help treat mild depression, Organic Ginkgo Biloba: Also known as the maidenhair tree, ginko biloba has been used for thousands of years in eastern medicine to address depression, anxiety, and energy, and Organic Chasteberry: Studies show that this fruit, native to the Mediterranean, can help ease symptoms of PMS and PMDD.

GLOW UP with Good to Glow by Love Wellness


I’m a true believer that the glow comes from within! What you put in your body directly affects how much you weigh – why wouldn’t it also make a huge impression on the quality of your skin?

Good to Glow packs tons of skin-friendly ingredients into a capsule: bounce-boosters like collagen, anti-bacterial/oxidant/aging organic ashwaghanda, and Vitamins C + E.

Tummy Tame with Good Girl Probiotics by Love Wellness


Not only do probiotics keep your gut happy, they also keep tons of different organs happy too. Why? Because the gut is the home of the immune system and is connected to things like your brain/mental health, your skin, and your feminine health too.

Good Girl Probiotics are formulated with 12 strains of good bacteria that occur naturally in the vaginal microbiome, and they because they up the levels of good bacteria in your belly, your female organs benefit as well.

Now, I know I’m biased for all things Love Wellness because I’m the founder, but if you’re looking for new vitamins, definitely check ours out. Why? We formulate them to be as natural and as organic as possible, and we formulate based on science, not trends.

I’m always open to new products, so I’d love to hear what you take in the morning to get your day started! Let me know in the comments!

Four Ways to “Fall” Back

…and ease back into your routines

The coming and going of Labor Day, the reintroduction of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and the start of New York Fashion Week means one thing and one thing only:

Fall is back!

Whether you’re in school, going about your day job, or simply hopping back into the routine of things (goodbye summer Fridays), readjusting is extremely important. With longer days officially behind us, it’s time to get your body, mind, and soul back into tip top shape.

Here are four ways to do just that!

Invest in an Agenda

Keeping a calendar, electric or hardcopy, is the perfect way to kick your butt into high gear. Those still looking for “the perfect one” will find plenty of options at a stationary store.

September happens to be the month for newly-released planners.

Being organized with both your work and personal life can help maximize your schedule and increase productivity. When contemplating whether to stay low or check off a million and one tasks from your to-do lists, consult your agenda, prioritize, and find a balance. After all, there’s no time like the present to get a crackin’ back into the swing of things.

e6cbd010887425-560ed1f8ab784Get Your Juices Flowing 

For most of us, myself included, summer was the definition of too many barbecues and not enough exercise. Back when I was a student (Ahh! I feel old now!), I would register at my college gym the second I arrived on campus.

Make a plan to get back into your fitness routine! Sign up for local classes or ask a friend to be your gym buddy.

We are successful when we are accountable for our actions.

Set Your Alarm

If you work from home and are able to schedule your own work hours, then taking a little extra shut eye, on the occasion, is not a problem. But, like any student making it to her morning class, it’s still important to rise and shine.

I usually plan my mornings to make myself more productive. Blocking out hours to take a workout class or minutes to run errands have helped me get back into my routine.

Back-to-School Shopping

Just because you’re a working girl doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in the thrills of back-to-school shopping. September is the month of fashion–shows, trends, and magazines.

Why miss out on such an exciting ritual?

Treat yourself to a few pieces just as you would the beginning of a school year. It’s all part of the routine, right? ?