Red Lentil Rotini With Classic Tomato Sauce-Delish!

Lately I’ve been on a pasta kick and have fully convinced myself my next business venture should be an Italian restaurant! Okay,maybe we won’t go that far, but I must say I’ve gotten over my reservations about experimenting with different pasta recipes! Since I’ve been so venturous with my dishes I thought I’d master a classic, with a healthy alternative of course.

The options are endless when it comes to pairing pasta with a good ol’ classic tomato sauce. You’ve got your shells, gnocchi, ravioli, penne, angel hair and the list goes on. But when it came to choosing a type of pasta, I decided to go a healthier route and pick one full of fiber! Barilla Red Lentil Rotini was the obvious choice for me, plus it makes me feel less guilty about smothering it in tomato sauce! When I have more time, I usually like to pair my pasta with some type of protein, but because the Red Lentil Rotini is loaded with plant-based protein, it’s just one less step I have to worry about making this an easy and fulfilling meal to whip up during a busy week!


Onions are a big part of making your classic tomato sauce flavorful, so get ready to shed some tears while cutting. Or, if you’re like me and like to snack while cooking, you can pop a piece of bread in your mouth and hold it between your front teeth to keep you from crying-I know it might sound a little crazy but it totally works!

Now since we’re going to be slow cooking the tomatoes to make sure we get the most flavors out of our ingredients, I suggest pouring yourself a glass of wine and having a few of your girlfriends over to catch up and enjoy this delicious meal!

Let’s get to it beauties!