How to Overcome Weird Vibes

Awkward turtles, anyone?

Have you ever been in an awkward situation where it’s so uncomfortable you’d rather just crawl into a hole and fade away? Have I? Definitely! In fact, I’m convinced these unfortunate situations happen more frequently to me than they do the average individual.


It’s never fun to panic or feel anxious. Your nerves kick in and it’s a never-ending nightmare from there. But hey, overcoming weird vibes is all about managing the various circumstances from which they arise.

Let me break it down!

The Awkward Barista

You’re obligated to be polite to this person because he or she is whipping up your ridiculously complicated order. I mean, I hope you’re polite to this person either way because you’re generally polite to begin with! 😛

Principally speaking, however, waiting for a stranger to complete your order can be weird—especially if the conversation you exchange sets the tone for your entire day. Feeling a standoffish vibe? Try catching your barista off guard with a simple question. In my experience, a “How is your morning going?” works wonders. But, if the light interaction doesn’t do the trick, don’t take his or her grumpiness personally! Thank your barista for your drink, sip your non-fat mocha Frappucino with light whip, and be on your merry way.

The Standoff-ish Boss

It’s not always easy to work with someone in close quarters on a daily basis. The thought of small talk might even disgust you! But, believe it or not, confronting the weird-ish relationship head on might be better than avoiding it entirely.

Ease into something like discussing weekend plans or mutual interests. If the conversation isn’t flowing as smoothly as you hoped, try bringing up a work related topic. “Hey, the new printer is amazing!” or “The break room coffee has an extra kick today!” is proof that you’ve tried. There is NEVER anything wrong with trying!

The Anti-Social Clique

Have you ever been to a party where people separate off into individual groups or where the amalgamation of guests is too eclectic of a mix? Have you ever wanted to U-turn and beeline for the door you just walked in? You have? Well good. I’m now designating you as THE person to shake loose those negative vibes and get the people of the party partying! Take it upon yourself to put on a groovy song (Sexy Back by JT?) and showcase your killer moves.

Mingle with the other guests and make connections! Someone had to do! Whether they thank you or not for your bravery, I will!

Hopefully you can have a laugh and turn these cringe-worthy situations around for the better. Remember to laugh at yourself and enjoy all of the funky situations life throws at you.