Hey, Vogue…We Need to Talk

TTFN: Ta Ta for Now

It’s official. My personal relationship with Vogue has come to an end. As a longtime reader of the fashion bible, both online and in print, I have decided that today marks the end of an era.

With fashion week in full swing–New York, London, Milan, and now Paris–editors, influencers, and celebrities alike have been photographed at a plethora of stylish venues. Instead of getting caught up in the excitement, however, I find myself sitting at home incredibly frustrated with a recent article published on Vogue.com.

Instead of using their influential platform to spark creative discussion, Sally Singer, Creative Digital Director of Vogue, and Sarah Mower, Chief Critic of Vogue.com, have chosen instead to name call bloggers with insults like “heralding the death of style,” “pathetic,” and “desperate.” Despite the poor taste in word choice, I was most turned off by Singer’s comment on dichotomy of collections she saw in Milan. “Schizophrenic moment,” she said, shortly followed by, “that is never good.”

As a physician specializing in psychiatry, as someone who devotes her time, energy, and soul into treating patients who DO suffer from a mental illness, I found Singer’s statement to be offensive, stigmatizing, and incredibly uninformed.

Who even edits Vogue.com? Perhaps a physician should be added to the masthead. If it’s not okay for Singer to ever describe the new collections as having a “cancer moment,” in what world is it okay for her to loosely trivialize mental illnesses?

While I highly doubt Anna Wintour will ever stumble across my post, I do hope someone brings this dire matter to her attention . For now, I plan to put away all of my previously cherished issues. Insensitivity is not a joke and I’m here to take a stand.

Until you grow up, Vogue, until you learn not to use such insensitive language, this is goodbye.